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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stress eating strikes again

The doctor talked to me about surgery after injecting both my trigger finger and thumb. Apparently the problem has advanced significantly and she isn't confident the steroids will help my trigger digits, but she is still hopeful. I am too, because as bad as she thinks it is, she doesn't see the vast improvement from a week ago before I started focusing on eating plants and lowering inflammation. Not that you could prove that by today. Depressed after the visit I stopped at Nations and ordered a BLT. In my defense it could have been worse. I said no to fries & a soda, no to pie, and no to extra bacon. But it could have been better, I forgot to say 'hold the mayo.' At least I skipped the sugar.

The injections into my hand were...stressful. You can feel the cortisone filling up the channel that the tendon runs through and it feels like your digit is going to explode. But hopefully my movement will recover significantly as it did last time, and in conjunction with anti-inflammatory eating will mend completely. Thereby avoiding surgery. That is my hope and my plan.

I took a nap upon returning home, then picked A up from daycare and hit the library on the way home. Yesterday was so awesome, she read a Pete the Cat book to me needing help with only a few words and prompts. She is learning so quickly now, and has begun an online typing course because she wants to write like me! Did I already mention that yesterday? CRS!

Anyway, I have been invited to another game of Monopoly Jr. and so off I go.

Breakfast:  fasted, had blood work done, had a blueberry whole grain flax meal muffin at work
Lunch: BLT
Dinner: Salad, raw sprouted pepitas, avocado, parmesan, tomatoes, red onion, italian dressing

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