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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday morning Greens

This morning I woke from fun and interesting dreams, and the resulting good mood is wonderful. I even made a green smoothie for breakfast! It was so delicious I am posting the ingredients so I can come back later and look.

Green Smoothie  - well, more red than green
2 whole Kiwi's less the little nubs at the ends
a rounded quarter cup of frozen blueberries
a small handful of raw pecan halves
a teaspoon of Vivix by Shaklee
a quarter teaspoon of organic cocoa powder
and a cup of crushed frozen spinach

cover with coconut water and blend well

Yesterday I looked back at January 2013 and while it shouldn't have been surprising it was a bit disconcerting to see how similar the postings are to this January two years later. The big difference is the cough. This year I am taking the alphalph complex morning and night for my allergies and using Shaklee's Immunity at the hint of any congestion. These in conjunction with my Orenda products have made the difference in fighting off colds this year and so far no cough. Which for me is great. When at a more reasonable weight the Orenda was enough to keep me healthy, but at 70 pounds overweight I can see as how I needed the extra support to maintain a semblance of health. All injuries aside that is. So I took a moment to express my gratitude, because no matter all the other challenges at least I am not spending months coughing this year.

It's another foggy morning, more conducive to snuggling up than anything else, but I am going to keep moving and puttering and not sucumb to the temptation to hibernate all day today. Maybe just a little.

As it turns out I got a little done, and also hibernated a little. A quiet day, mostly good food choices, and I'm rested and ready for work tomorrow including a salad made and ready to take for tomorrow's lunch.

Breakfast: green smoothie
Lunch: potato soup with goat cheese
Snack:  half of a perfectly ripe avocado and two PB cookies fresh from the overn
Dinner:  chopped salad with walnuts, parmesan cheese, italian dressing, cauliflower, cucumbers & green onions
and finally some popcorn.

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