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Thursday, January 29, 2015


I was the queen of puttering this morning as I organized my gear for the trip south. But first a morning with A helping her get ready for school. I dropped her off, and got a great big hug goodbye after assuring her I would be there when she arrived home on Monday.

A dozen trips back into the house retrieving forgotten items and I was finally on the road. Kaylee was a little nervous the first half hour and again on the curvy road of the Grapevine, but other than that did fine, even sharing half of the patty out of my burger when we stopped half way to stretch and grab lunch. Now that we are here and settled she is my shadow, her big brown eyes gleaming up at my every move. She has been bathed and fed and loved and now that I am sitting at the desk and typing she naps exhausted at my feet. She is my Sweetie.

Mom and I have plans tomorrow for catching up on little things that need doing. I am sad to see that she is moving more slowly than ever, and find her a cautionary tale. This could be me if I don't get my shit together. As I type I take turns stretching out the top of my feet, and often on the drive down I stretched my fingers against the steering wheel. Baby steps, but important ones. I will keep moving and stretching and aligning my body the best I can. On the wall next to me is a print out of when I won the State championship back in the Fall of 2001, displayed in a case with pictures of my grandfather, a young strong archer posing in the front of the same target face. I will shoot again, I must.

One tired girl and her dog, checking out.

Breakfast: Decaff,  sausage biscuit
Lunch:  Star burger, fries, coke
Snack: two small cuties, 1/4 large pink lady apple
Dinner:  Marie Calendar chicken pot pie, tossed green salad

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