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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A bright Morning, a gorgeous afternoon, and a quiet evening

I turned over and went back to sleep twice this morning, clinging to my dreams and unwilling to rise in the dark. Once up there was coffee to make, a pooch to feed, and a sunny patio to enjoy. Another crunchy muffin for breakfast and a Sudoku to finish up and I am finally awake. I think the extra rest was much needed and my mood is greatly improved. Plus I have the beach and my sister to look forward to on the day's agenda. Not that we can go to the beach with mom, but to see and smell it will be enough. Enough for what? I guess to soak in the negative ions and clear out the cobwebs that have settled in during the cold of winter.

I feel lighter this morning too, and will avoid dark windows at all cost!

I always enjoy the drive between Santa Clarita and Ventura; all of the orange groves and beautiful hills. We had lunch with Dee at a local favorite for breakfast, sitting out on the patio and enjoying the gorgeous day. A quick drive through the harbour and then back to Dee's and sitting out on her deck overlooking the bay, counting sailboats and bird watching. We also played a game of Bananagrams and went over A's chart. It's so fascinating seeing what is predicted of her from the time she was born, and how true to her chart she is so far. A creator, that's our A.

It's always good seeing Dee, and she extended to me the use of her house while she is away this summer. I will ask for the time off as soon as I return to work Tuesday! Kaylee was glad for us to arrive back home, and I'm ready for an quiet evening of left over soup and salad.

It's been another day of good food choices, and I am determined to once again skip any snacking between dinner and bedtime. Which is saying a lot in a house full of cookies, crackers, cream cheese & peanut butter.  Go me, as I like to say when on the right track.

Breakfast: Decaff,  whole grain english muffin with PB and J
Lunch:  Egg tacos with peppers & onions, served with fresh jalapeno and a lite dusting of cheese. w\sauteed potatoes
Dinner:  last egg taco from lunch, fresh chopped salad with lots of pepitas and red pepper

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