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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week One weigh in - yet again

Here it is, week one of cutting back sugar and increasing veggies. I'm aiming for one percent each week and almost made it. I'm still weighing in winter PJ's so my highest weight is off by at least half a pound and maybe  more (flannels) but I'm sticking to what I see.

The important part is that I already feel better. My trigger finger & thumb are loosening up after the injections, my hips hurt a little less, as does my heel.

Busy day after a looooong commute this morning; a big rig accident stretched my commute from 45 minutes to almost 2 hours. And I didn't have tea or coffee with me, just warmed up flax milk and a couple of skinned Kiwi fruits. Kudos to me for passing up three different opportunities to drive through and get breakfast. Luckily the drive home was an easy half an hour.

Trash cans are out front and mostly ready for the curb, I've already eaten, and I plan on doing not much this evening. A is at the big table finishing up the week's homework, and I'll join her as soon as I'm into my slouchy clothes.

No more screen time tonight!

Breakfast: fruit and flax milk
Lunch: chopped salad with chick peas, pepitas, cauliflower and peppers with an olive oil balsamic dressing
Dinner: veggie burger with all the trimmings

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