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Friday, January 23, 2015

Best. Beans. Ever.

I don't even pretend to myself that I am going to do anything but drive through for breakfast on the way to work. It continues to me a thorn of guilt in my side, and one day I will be over it, but this was not that day.

We were two short in our department at work today, which made for a nice quiet Friday and my being very productive. I had taken the time this morning to throw some leftover salad into a container and as usual ate at work standing up while listening to my audio book. I try to look out as far as I can to stretch my eye muscles at lunch too.

The apple I ate on the way home was so large I was not tempted in the least to stop for anything easy to eat. Once home I immediately settled in the kitchen and started chopping veggies for dinner. I had been thinking about chili and that was my intent when I started, but serendipity lent a hand and instead I ended up with such a rich flavorful mixture that I had no desire to add chili spices or tomatoes. I popped a potato in the microwave to cook thinking it would make a good base, but after licking the spoon off a few more times I decided it was perfect just the way it was. I think it was the combination of the Magic Mushroom mix and the smoked paprika. The sun dried tomatoes were just the perfect finishing touch. I will remember this combination for future recipes.

I was under 230 this morning bringing my total to almost five pounds - success is motivation to continue and I was uber happy to see the 229. Enough gloating, time to watch Elementary and cuddle with Kaylee now that I am full of beans.

Breakfast: Decaf and sausage biscuit
Lunch:  superfood kale salad, large handful of pepitas
Snack:  large Pink Lady apple
Dinner:  Black-eyed peas warmed through with sauteed veggies
Snack: small potato with butter, salt & pepper

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