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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Visiting 2008

I wanted to look back through my blog to check in on when I began eating for nutrition, and it was 2008. That was a good year, beginning my trek into nutrition, the birth of my granddaughter, and training for the Senior Games in archery. ( I went on to win Gold in my age\class in 2009). I also challenged myself to ride  my bike more and did my first six weeks of Fuhrman.

Back then it was all about tracking, and looking through 2008 there are pics of food and tracking sheets alike peppering the pages. There is also a lot of pain and memories, and a record of learning how to feed myself so that I felt good. So 2007 - 2010 I lost 50 pounds, then spent 2011 - 2014 gaining it all back plus a couple more - because that's how it usually works. I am tempted to track these next six weeks and compare to the 2008 record. I know so much more now, and there will be less trial and error. If I do I'll come back and post it later. ...and the crazy set in...but how I would love to see these numbers on the scale one more time on the way past them going down. 

New Year's Day I was 233.8, and this morning 232.2. I want to think of these numbers as disgraceful, but instead I note them for what they are. A transitory measurement of my body, and nothing to do with any wonderfulness I hold inside.

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