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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve Day!

And Bah Humbug - spending a weeks budget of grocery money on one night of splurging really doesn't make sense when the next day one intends to begin eating in a more healthy manner and lose weight! But I did it anyway, and my lunch driving home was hard salami and a bakery baguette. Yum.

I will probably be spending the evening alone, but just in case there are snacks; wavy potato chips and caramelized onion dip, spinach dip, artichoke jalapeno spread and multi grain baguette. There are Aussie Bites and an apple pie from Sprouts. I've been wanting this last since the past summer so I am squeezing it into the end of 2014. Not rational thinking, but that is not my forte so I beg no forgiveness.

The light traffic to and from work has been splendid, the wind has been biting and at times ferocious, and I am glad to be home and ready to settle in for a long evening. I may even assemble firewood for later to add a little ambiance to celebrate the transition from old to new year.

Dr. Fuhrman, I am yours for the next six weeks! I have the books, but this link is to a favorite blog (fatfreevegan by Susan) who lists the basic elements of his program.

So sugar and processed foods are mostly out the window tomorrow. I will use oil to roast veggies and if there are any leftover new years spreads I can use them to top potatoes.And I am trying flax milk as an alternative to flax meal since I haven't been making smoothies and my attitude misses the omega 3's. I will also continue to use honey sparingly in my evening tea - I just love it too much and will not deprive myself of that pleasure. (I will buy local organic honey as the price for this indulgence.) But the rest of processed foods and unhealthy fats are out - for me this means no bread, butter, cheese or mayonnaise in the house. Those are my comfort foods that are killing me. Literally. How comforting is that!?

One pound each of cooked and raw veggies each day, 3oz of healthy fat (nuts, seeds, avocado) and at lease a cup of a bean or legume or wild rice.

There are several others in my office who will be losing weight beginning in January so there will be support in all quarters which is good.

Time to have A "do" my nails - Happy New Year!

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