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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Busy as a Bee

The past couple of days have been good movement wise, but here it is 8 o'clock and I am dying to hit the sheets. In an effort to remain upright for a few minutes longer here I am blathering to the universe.

We made the last batch of treats yesterday after work. Earlier in the day I had an ocular migraine and knew from the start it might be worse than usual. Typically I get a crescent of fractured glass in the middle of one eye that expands until it outreaches my peripheral vision which takes about 15 minutes. Then I'm okay for a couple of hours and then the fatigue hits hard. But yesterday the fatigue hit before the crescent disappeared and afterwards I had congestion on one side of my head and painful pressure. Not of the intensity I associate with previous migraine experience, but bad for this type. So home to bed and rest and hydrate.

Then up to make the peanut brittle and cook the veggies for today's pot luck casserole. I need to write up the recipe because it came out nicely and I need to share it, but not tonight. Later. Today began early putting the casserole components together, then stopping on the way home to pick up the roast beast from Sprouts for our Christmas dinner, and finally home. The kids were going out to dinner and I intended to crash on the couch and finish watching a Chris Pine movie - Shadow Recruit? - but going into the kitchen to grab a ginger beer I couldn't leave without cleaning up. An hour later (peanut brittle and enchilada casserole; argh!) I did crash on the couch and when they returned finished up A's mac and cheese left over from the Rock House for my dinner.

All I want to do now is curl up in my PJ's and sleep. And why not? It's really only a half an hour or so earlier than usual. Well I've talked myself into it. Sweet Dreams.

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