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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Almost two hours to get home from work today; bad accident and the freeway was a parking lot all the way home. Luckily I had thrown my audio book in the car so that when my shuffle ran out of tracks I had the next disc with me. 'M' showed me a picture of the accident once I was home; a tossed and crumpled car upside down in the middle of the FWY; so much for getting home safe for that poor soul.

We all forget to count our blessings as often as we maybe should, and instead of being mad because I was stiff and tired on arriving at home from being stuck in a tin box in one position for so long, I made a cup of calming tea and lay down to stretch and watch an episode of Forever. Once my appetite returned I opened a can of Amy's organic lentil soup for dinner; a must have mainstay in the cupboard even for someone who doesn't want to eat processed foods on a regular  basis, and now I am full and ready for bed. My mission - to stay up until at least 9pm so I am not up at o'dark thirty again tomorrow.

Busy day at work; lots of old year end & new year beginning prep to do for those of us who crunch numbers for a living. Better busy than unemployed and broke. Better to sit for hours in traffic than to sit for hours wishing I had a job. It's all about perspective, and for small mundane things like traffic I don't do badly.

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