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Friday, December 26, 2014

Me and Little Miss

Yesterday was full of fun, a little work, and some snuggling. A and I had the day together while her parents worked, and the day after Christmas looked something like this.

Snuggles in the morning
Streaked her hair with new pink, blue, and purple hair kit
Put away a load of her laundry from the dryer (mostly me, but she helped)
Made her eggs and toast for breakfast, I had a left over potato - YUM
Snuggled on the couch for a bit then I left her to watch Monsters U while I rotated dishes
Bribed her with gingerbread so she would drink some Shaklee Immunity (she was sniffling)
Sandwiches and cuties for lunch
Played Dress up with her new Elsa magnetic doll
More laundry (sigh, clean flannel sheets) and a freshly made bed for me
TJ's Mac n Cheese for her dinner and another (yes they were that good) potato for me

-break when her dad arrived home - watched most of Star Trek: Insurrection and snoozed

Dropped the dad off
Sang 12 days of Christmas (again) on the way home
Straightened up our mess of pillows and blankets
I ate and she tried to eat the last two tamales but even smothered in sr. cream they were too spicy for her. They were delicious. I ate them both.
Played Rummy Tile which with just the two of us took about an hour (there was lots of laughter)
Jammies, teeth and ready for bed

- the house was all of a sudden quiet - tea, the end of my movie, and a See's chocolate.

It was a really good Day :)

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