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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Forging Ahead

Well I avoided mirrors most of the day, and kept busy at work in my office trying not to make too many treks down the hallways and keeping out of sight. They're a good bunch, it was more for me than fear of anything someone might say about my hair or lack thereof.

Once home A and I headed out for a quick trip to the Library, then home to dinner and more decorating. We pulled more boxes from the garage and by bedtime Santa and his reindeer were on the mantle with pine cones, various porcelain and fir trees, and a couple of white birch. I love the mantle at Christmas. Tomorrow we will finally get the Christmas Tree forest up, tonight there was too much dusting and unpacking and it took it's toll. A is so anxious to have it all done, and it's a little infectious, but I know better than to do too much and deal with the back pinching consequences.

R brought home Greek food, a salad for me with Feta and olives - yum. I love to cook but lately I just can't \ won't be bothered. I mean, if you cook you have to clean, and I'm just not into that right now.

Tired and ready for my tea and bed. A good movement day for me, but I did eat a brownie. Shame. Or not.

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