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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Drifting on the lasting effects of two tylenol pm I woke late and sleepy. Crawling back into bed after feeding the dogs and bemoaning the fact that I couldn't even move my right thumb or middle finger I watched the rest of Star Trek: Into Darkness. Bad move. In the movie Kirk hits Scotty and knocks him out and I couldn't help but wonder why the blow didn't kill him, as a similar blow had killed Joey. Not a good thought on a Sunday morning. Or any morning really but Sundays are the sacred day of rest for many of us for one reason or another and IMHO shouldn't be marred by dark thoughts. These spiraled down to even worse depths as the thought occurred to me that maybe it wasn't a clean head shot that happened first, that maybe to spare a mother's feelings they had tweaked the sequence of events leading up to his death so that I wouldn't have to live knowing he was beaten to death. Maybe I had suspected this all along because I intentionally missed the court date when they were going over the medical examiners results. Some part of me, the stronger part at that point, did not want to know the torrid details.

This dark  mood propelled me out of bed and into the arms of two fried eggs over toast. No butter. One slice of toast. I'll juice later. The hot chocolate and croissants (also filled with chocolate &  cinnamon) that were in the kitchen did not appeal to me. The sound of the girls racing on Mario Kart does, I love the sound of them playing together and hopefully I can use this to rebound out of the dark corner I'm apparently trying to paint myself into.

Thoughts are Things. Change your Thoughts and Change your Reality. "I'm right on top of that Rose."

Time for the mundane to erase the horrific. Laundry, shoes, room - lets get busy!

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