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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mush for lunch

Ugh. While the flavour is still wonderful, the left over rice and asparagus dish has congealed into an unappealing mass of green and white mush. That's what I get for using a packet of commercially prepared rice from the freezer instead of home made wild rice.  At the time it was the healthiest option for the time I was willing to spend in preparing dinner. This weekend I will be sure to make a batch of wild rice and freeze it in packets for similar situations in the future.

BTW - did you know wild rice is a seed, not a grain?

It's interesting that I don't feel very creative when blogging at lunch from my desk at work. It just feels like more work somehow, so while convenient to spend this time writing, instead I will get up off my ohwahzoo during lunch and save the writing for mornings or evenings at home. After all, the point of writing is to spend some quiet time with myself and reflect on the day and encourage myself to be accountable and present; I can't do that here.

Not to mention that the point of lunch is not just to eat but to add some movement, and get out of the 90 degree position of the workplace.


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