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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sage, Rosemary & Thyme - the trifecta of aroma therapy

For the Thanksgiving bird R made an herbal butter to season and baste him as he was roasting. She didn't use it all, and this morning as I began cleaning up the kitchen my eye spotted the small blue ramekin of left over butter we hadn't been able to toss out and I was inspired. Into the pot it went with cubed new potatoes, carrots, onion & bok choy (always a good go to if you're out of celery!) The veggies should sweat enough to keep it moist, or maybe I will add stock and turn it into a stoup or soup, but in any case I know it will be delicious.

Update: Added peas and a slurry of veggie stock and cornstarch to make gravy. YUM! Lunch it is.

The house now smells of holidays and comfort and security all going up my nose in cathartic aroma of peace. Someone should bottle this and put it in one of those small automatic air freshener canisters to use as a pick me up during the cold winter months.

I'm not sure if it will be lunch or dinner, not that it matters, and a wonderful treat on this day that I would like to accomplish much. Which was my reason for going to get a large decaf coffee earlier this morning. I never get a large, it's very intimidating. But I have much to do and can take a tylenol pm with my sleepy time tea this evening to be sure I sleep. I am once again feeling smothered by all that I have allowed to pile up in my room and it has to go. Today. After I clean the kitchen, which is just a matter of rotating the dishes and wiping down the counters; nothing major but I always feel better afterwards.  Then back to food, my other meal will be juice. I've noticed that my arthritic thumbs hurt less, and I'm moving a little bit better. My guess is that it's all the ginger I've been ingesting between the juicing and the ginger/lemon water I drink.

I am a hoot this morning with my leopard leggings and floppy white tea shirt, wool socks and crocks. I have turned into the older woman my younger self would have been embarrassed for; "hey, if you ever see me dressing like that just shoot me would you?" But comfort and size limitations combined this morning to create this caricature of myself, and i'm finding it rather funny and somehow liberating. Of course it helps that the Fam is out to breakfast and no one else is here to judge except the dogs.

I'm done cracking myself up --> back to work!

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