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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Into the Woods - a perspective

We had intended to go see the new version of 'Into The Woods' on Christmas, but as that plan didn't work out we are thinking about going this weekend. R has read some negative reviews, and I have friends who have commented on the singing ability (or lack thereof) of the actors and how the casting should perhaps have been done with that in mind.

I was doing the dishes (a common vehicle for insights and a drifting mind) when it occurred to me that I wanted to go to be entertained, not to examine it. I know, in some eyes an unexamined life is not worth living, but in the words of Liz Gilbert 'can't I have an unexamined lunch?" I just want to disappear into a good story, to see some favorite actors, to be entertained for a couple of hours and not think about the 2.6 pounds I have gained towards the holiday ten. Not think about refinancing the house to pay for a new roof. Not think about cleaning out my room and repainting. Not think about coworkers and what needs to happen in my (I don't think of it as ours anymore) department. Not think about my mental and physical injuries and just have an unexamined audio\visual experience that will transport me away. Sort of like what Calgon promised but never really delivered.

So in my humble opinion, it's not if we will go see the movie, but when, and I am looking forward to it. What food addict doesn't love a dark theatre and a bag (or bucket) of popcorn. I am grateful for the idea of a diversion, for the car that will get us there, and the family to share it with.

A has just informed me that her Mom is making the trifle we planned for but didn't make on Christmas once the Chocolate silk pie entered the picture. Gingerbread, vanilla pudding, freshly whipped cream, crumbled triple ginger cookies. Maybe there will be another point four pounds added to the damage before I hit the veggies. Maybe. I have cucumbers to juice for dinner.

Feels like another good day!

     The movie was enchanting. I loved it. Even the lesser of the voices were then supported by beautiful harmonies, and all had character. I heartily endorse this one, and I can tell it will eventually join our holiday classics. It is a story we should all take to heart and embrace.
     The trifle was also enchanting. This is what Gingerbread heaven strives to be like.
     Dinner was not juice, but veggie stew. I did use some beef fat to caramelize the onions and threw in a couple of ribs from the roast for flavour so not vegetarian. I have eaten more meat than usual this past couple of months and I must say I am about over it. A meatball here, a sausage muffin there, a slice of turkey and now one of prime rib. It does nothing for me. I will say the roast was tender and delicious, but I keep thinking of the cow and feeling slightly sick. Time to once again stay strictly vegetarian.

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