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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The locking of the keys in the car

I feel like I am having an affair with the little old man who comes to break into my car each time I lock my keys inside. He has been to my office, a friends home and now twice to my home. But he doesn't remember so it doesn't count. Finally on my way to work this morning I stopped in at Lowes and had three keys made; one to hang up at home, one for the bottom of my lunch purse, and one for the hide-a-key box that sticks to the bottom of my car but was mysteriously empty this morning when I needed an extra key. Let's see how long it takes me to contrive a situation where none of my preemptive precautions are useful.

Eating delicious left over Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes in vegan gravy for lunch; warm, filling, nutritious. Win, win, win. And I guess the deliciousness part makes for a  fourth win! The lack of colour in my bowl makes me think I should roast some reds and oranges for dinner tonight; maybe onion, red peppers and carrots and have it over a potato (R brought home a 10# bag since it was the same price as a 5# bag). But as always it will depend on how busy the house is, how long it takes me to arrive home (another long hour last night with the rain and a big rig on fire) and how much attention A needs. After all, Christmas is coming you know!

This is where I stop and remind myself it's okay to spend time on myself, and throwing some veggies in to roast is only a matter of minutes. I hate to think of myself as lazy but all evidence seems to be to the contrary. I will make dinner tonight. Last night dinner was an orange, most of a bag of popcorn, a large jalapeno stuffed green olive and a piece of homemade peanut butter cup. Then  in bed and hungry at ten I finished off the last of the strawberry ice cream no one was eating. What was it I wanted to do? Eat for nutrition? Ha!!

Lost for a minute staring out my office window (a blessing that window) at the bright bits of blue sky between the white and greys of the clouds and not really thinking of anything at all. Was that meditating? God knows where I just was.  But now I am back and thinking that  we have had more rain in a week than we have had for probably the last two years combined. Or at least it seems that way. And let me say it is hard to become used to the change. Not enough sidewalk drawing and too much tv for sure. I would make an excellent bear when it comes to eating and hibernating.

Lunch is over, back to work. Set in place are my good intentions for another four-win meal at dinner.

I am worthy!

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