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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A good Day

As is my wont lately, I awoke late and rushed through getting ready for work. This meant that A and I were both in the bathroom brushing our teeth together and it was fun in a comradely sort of way. Just being girls getting ready together.

The first stop was her school where we sat in the front row to enjoy the Kindergarten Christmas recital. Four different religions were represented, and the children were fun and bright. A was center stage, standing by herself with a microphone, and led the first song acapella with the confidence tempered by shyness that made for a wonderful performance. She rocks. It's looking good that she might have a voice; lord knows she has genes from many lines, maternal and paternal going back generations, that may stand her in good stead when it comes to singing on key. Unlike me whose generation was skipped in this particular department. But still lots of creative energy and it was a fun way to begin the day.

On to work with a quick stop for Decaf and a biscuit, and a short day punctuated by a quick shopping trip to order the Roast Beast for Christmas dinner. While at Sprouts I picked up an avocado, a kale salad mix, and some coconut water. I was determined to eat a healthy lunch and I did.

My one piece of chocolate at work was dark, covering an orange marzipan center. Rich enough to last the day, I thought at the time.

Dinner was a potato covered in left over roasted veggies; who knew white beets and potatoes would be so good together! And as always the roasted carrots were sweet and carmelly. I did sit a bit while watching an old movie, The voyage of the Unicorn or something, but was up as often as I was down and accomplished enough to feel good about it. I am sure I am only one of billions who are tired of doing laundry - I mean really, enough is enough already.

Off to check how the daughter's caramel is coming along that she is making to take to her co-workers\friends at work. She is like her maternal grandfather in that way, and has passed the gift of making friends on to her daughter which makes me very glad since that talent also skipped right over me

One small bite of the homemade peanut butter cup still hanging out in the kitchen and I am done for the day with the exception of my night time tea. Tomorrow is my christmas party at work, lunch and bowling, then finally home to rest before the craziness of the weekend. Wrapping, cleaning, baking - it all needs to be done this Sat and Sun - good times when you have the help and company of a six year old. One, I might add, who is about to lose the second of her two front teeth; it is barely hanging in there and we expect it to fall out tomorrow.  Such exciting times!

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