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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Heels for me, please

Several years ago my sister introduced me to Katy Bowman and her Restorative Exercise Institute. She had been taking classes for a year and was out of pain. Everywhere.While I wasn't able to jump into the program as I wanted to, I have adopted many ideas from her blog and website. Losing the footwear with heels  I did latch onto right away, and I now have two grocery bags of shoes I couldn't throw away and yet also cannot\will not wear. And haven't for at least two years or longer.

A year ago this past April I injured my left achilles while helping H move and it has never healed. Largely, I am sure, due to the weight I am carrying around. When at a consult in Kaiser's physical therapy department they wanted me to put a wedge under my heel to relieve the pain and to start wearing shoes with heels. She suggested Dansko shoes as a healthy choice. Not wanting to wear heels I did buy some inserts to help relieve the pain, but can't talk myself into wearing a shoe that has a positive heel. Looking around my room for something earlier this week I found my bags of shoes and there on top were my expensive and neglected Danskos. Why not, I decided, and tried to slip them on. I felt like an ugly stepsister trying on a glass slipper. The shoe was unyielding in it's frame (can you say cast) and I couldn't stand up straight and I immediately kicked it off. No way, never again. I'll stick with my moccasins and crocs. I know the crocs aren't the best choice either, and eventually my heel will be better and I can wear the negative heeled boots I splurged on. But it was an eye opening moment realizing how much I had changed in the past couple of years just by making a couple of small changes.

The other message was  not using my trapezoid muscles for everything and I often ask myself, "Do I need traps for this?" The answer is usually no. As with most of her blog the entry is a fun and informative read and I encourage you to check out the link.

So chin pulled in, shoulders down and back without thrusting my ribs, and using the whole of my foot to walk are now more natural movements for me. I will add another good habit or two this year, or maybe take an online course. But something good is going to happen in the coming year, I can feel it.

So sidetracked! Back to the shoes, I came into my room for a little 'me' time before spending the afternoon with A and there all over my floor are the aforementioned shoes I had dumped out and have been ignoring for the past couple of days. With the exception of  my flat Vans they are all going to the garage for a brief respite before heading to the thrift store. Hopefully whomever buys them will be wearing them sparingly for special occasions only. I know, a future reality, but one worth dreaming about.

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