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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Morning snuggles and screams

Being Saturday I climbed back into bed after visiting the Loo. It was cold and wet outside and I decided to snuggle in and watch Interview with the Vampire; even if the casting was all wrong Anne Rice did the screenplay and I hadn't seen it in years. BUT as plans often go this one was foiled by teh six year old climbing in to snuggle. "Grama, I love snuggling with you" she whispers as her arms go around me and my arm snakes out to change the channel. After some snuggly good mornings had passed between us we settled on watching the finale of Master Chef Junior that we had taped earlier in the week as it runs past her bedtime. She was very excited about the winner, but not so enthralled that she didn't jump up in the middle of it to show off Elfie who was zip lining it from the antlers to the Christmas tree in the living room by hanging on to a candy cane hooked over some red ribbon. That Elf gets into more mischief!

R went grocery shopping last night and picked up the ingredients to make breakfast sandwiches this morning. What a difference from what one can buy driving through for fast food. Freshly prepared sausage patties, muffins toasted in the oven with cheese, baked eggs - this is what a breakfast sandwich should be, not some bit of fluff that can be wolfed down in a minute but a sturdy meal that you have to actually chew and therefore savour and that actually fills you up and leaves you satisfied. I could go one step further and do the food costing, but we can't compete price-wise with the largest purchaser of sausage in the world. Besides, you can't put a price on a lovingly prepared breakfast at home.

While R was cooking A and I went through her flash cards; the goal is for her to be able to read and write the numbers one through twenty before she goes back to school next year. Winter break is upon us, and I have two days to be available for her daycare.

Yikes! Screams of blood from the hallway had me rushing out to investigate. "Daddy broke me!" is the summary she declares in the aftermath of losing her second front tooth. Mom is patiently scooping cold water into her mouth to rinse the blood away, and Dad gets a thumbs up for a job well done. Apparently she had been biting him on his arm when the tooth broke free. Almost. Mom finished up the job by pulling  out the precariously hanging tooth the rest of the way. I have visions of tooth fairies in the near future; I wonder if I can set a trap in her room tonight, or if  Elfie will somehow help with the exchange of tooth for silver. Ah, the exciting details of life!

My original thought when signing on to write was that I really needed to be alone after having spent the whole of my morning with A. In between everything we did she was either hanging or pulling or elsewise attaching herself to me like glue and I was in need of a break. At the last I grabbed her in a bear hug and swung her around singing, "I'm an old old woman, and I need to rest!" She was laughing as I put her down and guided her out my bedroom door, only showing me a brief frown as she turned to aim her abundance of energy elsewhere. But now I find myself simply grateful for the reminder that I love being with her, being part of her growing up, and should enjoy every bit of attention she is willing to give me. Because it goes by so fast, and there is no way to guess how much longer I have with her and the 'Rents. I love them all and don't begrudge a single crazy moment of us all living together.

See, a very short step from exhaustion to gratitude, it's all about the mindset. I will remember that as we go through the day together.

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