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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baby it's cold outside

No, we cannot throw a glass of hot water up into the air and have it come down snow; this is not Minnesota thank heavens. It's only in the 50's but there is a freezing breeze that cuts like a knife and we are inside today. Mostly. There was a brief excursion out to watch the roof getting a patch of tar to hold us over until I can have the roof repaired, but it was very short.

We made macaroni and cheese yesterday using the organic quinoa and corn noodles, some freshly grated sharp white cheddar & parmesan off the block, and the last of the pre-shredded Mexican blend that was in the fridge drawer.  The last of the half & half plus a little organic milk  provided the moisture and a couple of handfuls of crispy onions from TJ's topped the casserole dish.  Different but delicious and I finished the left overs for breakfast and lunch today.

Dinner is sizzling away on the stove; a large saute' pan of Brussels Sprouts that I first toasted in a little left over bacon grease and are now braising in the last of the chicken stock and some magic mushroom salt.

A and I got about half of the christmas tree forest up before my back started screaming last night, and my hope is to finish it this evening. There are some presents wrapped and under the tree, and the mantles are done except for the hooks we need to hand the stockings. I miss my traditional hats, but I gladly give way to my daughter's traditions - they are the ones with the six year old that is so excited about christmas coming she is constantly making presents and can't sit still for more than a minute at a time.

The box of Sees Chocolates we brought home from the party on Friday is about half gone, and the box of goodies from our neighbors is almost finished. It's sort of a mixed blessing having a couple of sugar junkies in the house to keep me from hogging everything!

One holiday of the three down and so far no weight gain. I can and will get through this season without adding the holiday ten to my girth.

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