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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Raining cats & dogs

This morning I woke to rain pounding down outside, it was early enough and cold enough to snuggle in and finish watching the movie I had fallen asleep to the night before. Then up and dressed and juicing; cucumber, lemon ginger, bok choy, carrot & green apple. And a small handful of blackberries rinsed out of the juicer with some coconut water. I do like bok choy much better than celery in my juices, I must say.

At well yesterday, even if dinner was left over sweet potato casserole after a handful of chips dipped in half an avocado that I had smashed with garlic and salt. No pie, no gravy, no dressing - all of the leftovers are now gone.

So out in the rain with my lunch bag full of juice, a towel in case the car was wet inside (a rain story for another day) and a mug of pear ginger white tea. Driving to work was nerve wracking, we have been in drought conditions so long we have forgotten what it is to drive in a downpour. An hour to get to work, which is much better than wrecked, then dark and chilly arriving at work first. 8:30 and it's foggy and grey and wet outside. Oh for a fire and a book - but thoughts are real too, no? So really working is the dream and I'm really basking in the warmth of a fire readying of some new far away adventure.  Really :)

Back to work for the wicked! So grateful for my work, my car, my warm clothes and dry boots I cannot regret this one bit.

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