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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rain and more Rain

Arriving home only faintly damp I have the kettle on for tea and I am enjoying the sudden quiet of three dogs who have ended their caterwauling by  plunging their snouts into their dishes of kibble.

Here is the weather forecast, which I felt compelled to share because it is the new state of affairs around here. Wet. I love the cool nights - they make for better sleeping conditions - but against all common sense I wish the rain would hold off for a day while I find and install the rubber rails that are missing from my car. Driving with a pool of water at my feet is neither fun nor conducive to a good mood! And apparently the packing tape with which I effected temporary repairs is not as waterproof as I had hoped.
The sad part is that we did have a day this weekend past that was dry, but one look into the garage and a quick hunt for the bag in which I know the rails to be left me discouraged and I simply added another layer of tape to the offending gaps along the roofline of my car. I was hoping it would hold me until the storms had blown through and I was in a better frame of mind to tackle the garage, but no.

Instead I will claim credit for the massive amounts of water falling from the sky since obviously the constant rain is intended as a personal inconvenience to me. Because yes, I am that much the center of the universe and all things of importance pertain specifically to me. Now I just have to figure out the lesson behind rain in my car.  Harrumph!

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