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Friday, December 5, 2014

Worst. Nightmare. Ever.

My daughter had just given birth a few weeks earlier and I wanted to take the baby with me down to friends where I was going to spend the day and go to a soccer match or something with them. The friend's house was beautiful and a real friend from waking life. The details are already fading, but in the end I had to take the baby on an emergency trip to a Dr's office. After the exam the Dr. suggested 5mg of Methotrexate because the baby wasn't responding well. I said no, isn't that a chemotherapy drug?  Then I reached into the left ear of the baby (still don't remember if it's a he or a she) and pulled out an extra ear lobe with I gently pulled free. Blood streamed across the baby's face and head and the Dr. said that must have been what happened on the other side and why he was so concerned. He took the baby to 'take care of it' and after a bit I saw him in the Doctor's lounge cooking up lunch. When I went to ask about the baby he handed me a platter of cooked chicken. I spent the rest of the dream trying to demand answers because I was going to have to explain to my daughter what and why this had happened to her baby. Not that I felt it was unusual about being handed the platter, but that it had happened so soon and that my daughter had planned on nursing for six months. She was never going to trust me with the baby again! O.M.G.

What a fucking nightmare!

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