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Friday, April 12, 2013

Clean; before or after

I've had it both ways. The jobs you have to go home and take a shower when you're done, and the ones where you clean up before you hit the office door. A couple of years ago I had two part time jobs, one of each, and while it was a difficult time for me, my body liked the diversity. In much the same way my muscles are responding to all the work I've done around the house lately. Even my massage therapist noticed my back wasn't as tight, not that a lot of my latest massage wasn't painful - there are still enough knots for her to work on when I'm out flat on the table.

I'm going to try and keep up this level of activity. It's frustrating being in pain, but if I'm in pain either way, I think I should try to stay active. Because yesterday in the garage I saw that H had been by, and left my old bow for me. Which means I have two, and we can set one up for R if she wants to shoot with me. And as I stood there handling my old friend, the longing to shoot swept through me, and following close on that rush of feeling came the renewed determination that I would shoot again, hike with my bow again, compete again. This will happen, and I need to be in shape to realize this goal. So I will stay busy and use these wonderful muscles I was born with and work towards that end.

And speaking of muscles and strength, I still have the 100 pushups chart on my bedroom door. I wonder, sitting here in the comfort of a chair typing away, what effect it might have on my back to begin that regimen. I think I should try, I'm pretty sure A would get a kick out of it and it's something we could do together. I have been putting her off so much of late, too busy with 'stuff' to spend much quality time with her. I'll have to mull this over today before deciding, because once I mention it to her it will be a done deal. Ah to have the memory of a four year old!

It's also nice showering at night again, and having time to blather away at the keyboard before getting ready for work.

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