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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ta Da!

I am sitting in the capris that I couldn't button a month ago. I didn't diet, I didn't go to the gym, I didn't give up junk food. I just moved after work instead of sitting on the couch. But now I want more, and I have ordered the new Orenda products to help me on my way. Only because it's Orenda and I have trusted them with my health for ten years now. Very excited and more later.

Update:  Left work after half a day, went and had the great massage I missed Saturday cuz we were working our asses off, came home and drank lots of water, changed into my grubs and hit the backyard running. I intend to keep moving each day after work with no more collapsing on the couch. The way I see it Miss A won't let me do that anyway so I might as well captain my own ship before she hijacks me. She needs a T-shirt that says in a very sarcastic manner, "Pirate!"

Anyway, here is the video on the CleanBurnShape program I ordered from Orenda. They are a great company, based in the science of supporting the amazing bodies we live in, and as I said I'm excited to get started.

But for now I am sweaty with grass sticking to my ankles and I need to jump in the shower before the girls get home. Then I will login and check the tracking on my order :)

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