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Sunday, April 21, 2013


And here I thought the hardest day was yesterday. But today we had the aches and pains and sheer unrelenting tiredness from yesterday to deal with combined with the looming deadline and tasks yet undone. I finished packing up the garage while R ran to the store for supplies and then later we swept up what was left on the garage floor; I packed most of the kitchen while R patched and painted throughout the house; we loaded up and I came home to - in this order - gulp some pills, open a beer, feed the animals and ice my back (A was a great little helper, it's so great we work well together.)

R arrived home with bags from Der Wienerschnitzel shortly thereafter and we had a junk food feast together at the dining room table.

Short stuff is in the shower under her mother's close supervision while I type a hasty note. Next for me, a hot shower. But first I had to investigate the suspicious rustling from the dining room where I found that the little dachshund had stolen the bag of leftovers off the table and was trying to get to the few remaining chili cheese fries. The puggles either made a clean get away before I arrived on the scene of the crime or they were having no part of her insubordination; we will never know. Note to self: push in chairs when leaving the table or there will be marauding afoot!

As I listen to the the combination of singing and groaning that is accompanying the exit of a four year old from the shower, I head off for my turn at the hot water.

What a day. One more to go. I hope. If we have to go back Tuesday for last minute things I'm okay with that. Hauling the debris that is left to the dump tomorrow is, I believe, the last hard task on what was once a very long and intimidating honey-do list.

Almost there. We can do this. We are, in fact, doing this - or getting it done - whatever.

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