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Saturday, April 13, 2013


We made a few more of them today; the good kind, no cars were involved.  Hopefully tomorrow we will finish up inside the rental and then we can start working on the garage over there. The weather is on our side and we'll be able to put in a couple of hours each day after work next week. We are all so ready for this to be over & done with.

Today we picked up a twin bed from the neighbor across the street who is moving to Oregon. This was  for A and tonight will be her first night in a big girl bed. I can barely believe I also bought some DVD's, bringing STUFF into the house again. ARGH! But already one came in handy as we resorted to planting the four year old in front of a move while we sorted and cleaned etc ad nauseum.

I can't help but wonder if this will change how we live; I never again want to be faced with so many boxes and bags and crates and tubs overflowing with things I just might need one day. What a way to live. And I'm not even a hoarder, just a typical human who has kept more than they have tossed; all very unintentional. From sweeping out my garage this afternoon I now know where the sprayer is to treat the fence, the screen kit in case we damage one and need to replace it, and a wooden lamp that must be 100 years old if it's a day. Pretty cool, but to keep it? Maybe I should call antique road show and see what it is. But no, not going to happen.

Another long day, but better busy than bored, better a body in motion than a couch potato. Speaking of which, I did take two breaks this afternoon and watched an episode of Touch and one of Smashed. Amazing really how little TV I have watched in the past month compared to the norm - I truly was making a dent in the couch from spending so much time there in recent years.

Just thinking that makes me a little sad, but all in all I am doing okay. I still think of H more than I probably should, but given the circumstances that is understandable. I imagine he will be in my thoughts the rest of my life to some extent, or rather, I can't imagine otherwise at this point.

Making a You Turn and heading for the shower, PJ's and an early bedtime. I refuse to make room in my heart today for second thoughts to creep in.

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