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Friday, April 5, 2013

What a day...

Well the important big stuff got moved, and as I type my granddaughter A is lying in bed in the room next to mine and...kicking the wall? That's what it sounds like. I imagine it will take her some time to settle in to having a new room in a new house. Always before when spending the night she has slept with me so I suppose it's all a little overwhelming. She is also full of artificial crap from the pedialyte popsicle she had from my freezer. We have since thrown away the rest of the box and have plans to buy a silicon popsicle mold and make our own from scratch - another great use for my new juicer!

I spent eight hours today sorting, sweeping, packing, running errands and breaking down cardboard - almost none of it my stuff, but H's. Sometimes things just don't work out like you imagine, and you either roll with it or you create a fuss; I tend towards the former. Piscean, middle child - go figure, I'm a natural mediator. Mostly. And true to form I don't care so much how it's getting done, just that it is. Okay, yes there was a moment this afternoon when I realized how things were shaking out and in that short space of time I was super pissed off and close to giving in to mad mad mad tears BUT I worked it through and it's all good. Or at least it wasn't that bad.

But the stressful afternoon is over and it's nice to have my DD here settling in. Our first dinner together was homemade and healthy despite us both being tired, and she picked up sweet potatoes and spinach to make hash for breakfast. It will be nice to have support for making healthy food choices, lord knows I need it badly. Luckily I am sick to death of stress eating and ready to fuel up with the good stuff. I'm really looking forward to how I feel when I'm eating for nutrition.

The house feels full and alive this evening like it hasn't in a long time. H and I had made our lives so small and miserable (I bear the lion's share of the blame - grief is a hard housemate) and it was reflected in everything we did. Or didn't do. I could equate our misery to the pounds of dust I have cleaned out of the house in the past month but I think I've written that particular topic to death.

And just as I knew it would be, for now the hardest part is over, for the most part anyway. There is still lots of work to be done organizing the house here, and cleaning the rental there and figuring out what needs to be stored. But all of our hard work has paid off and H is up at his new place and my girls are finally moved in. This is the first night of our new living arrangements and this tired old aching body is filled with optimism and lettuce.

Works for me!

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