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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Looming Projects

Now that we are finished at the rental, there is another list to tackle; organizing this house so we all fit and feel comfortable and at home. But first I am reflecting this morning on how proud I am of the work we accomplished, and especially proud of the efforts put forth by my daughter. She has left her rental 'move in ready' for the next tenant - even going so far as to wash the kitchen ceiling last night after another challenging day of scrubbing and painting (she doubts she has any fingerprints left.) I had to leave her half way through to put in some work at the office, and when I returned there was very little left to do. Our cars are still full of the last loads. It was clear neither one of us was willing or able to unload last night - it can wait until after work today.

And what a disaster the driveway here is! Talk about stuff coming out of our ears. At least now we can slow down the pace a little and sort and organize and downsize and save just those things we really want and use and appreciate. Thank heavens M will be home later this week, he will have quite the honey do list from R and me.

But I think we are determined to keep at it until it is done; R and I both want things running smoothly as much as possible at home, and I think we will encourage each other towards that end and remind each other of our goals so that we keep moving forward. The big goal now is to have her birthday party here in September, so the yard needs to be done by then. But first the garage and driveway, a ton of laundry to do and donations to be made. Which reminds me I need to call today and arrange for another special trash pickup this week; it's great we get three free pick ups each year - I think I'll use them all this month!

Whoops, there go the sprinklers. That means I have ten minutes to pick out clothes to wear, make my bed, and get my sore, tired, filthy self into the shower. Yes, I went to bed dirty, too tired to even rinse off before stumbling into bed last night. I am so looking forward to sliding into clean sheets this weekend!

Did I mention I was proud of us?

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