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Friday, April 19, 2013

Have drill will travel

Today I took apart the 2nd four poster bed frame in a two week period. I also mostly disassembled a day bed and a desk (ok, that one doesn't count it was four screws to take the glass top off) so we can load them on the truck tomorrow. The only piece of furniture I am dreading moving is the end of the couch that is heavy with the kick mechanisms. We pick up the truck at 8, thank heavens we get to drop little A off with J for a couple of hours while we load the truck and big A fixes the window. We have an appliance dolly to move the dryer and anything else too heavy to lift ourselves and hopefully we can do this in two loads; one to storage and one to the garage here for sorting between garbage, donation and storage. Then we have Sunday to make a dump run if necessary and Monday to catch up the general cleaning so R gets her deposit back.

A hot shower, a cold beer, and soft PJ's and I almost feel human this glorious Friday evening. Three more days to go; I keep telling myself we can do this and in fact it is getting done. Hopefully my massage is being rescheduled for Wednesday, and my new Orenda products should arrive next week. I am so ready to shed this FAT. Good Lord how many times have I said THAT in the last ten years. And three years ago I was feeling pretty trim and sassy. Work is literally killing me!

Three more days and I will make time to take care of myself.
Three more days and I will start getting better every day.*
Three more days and I will start juicing again.

A body in motion stays in motion; I am currently a body in motion, lets see if I can stay that way.

God my feet are sore.

* I am already doing this, I've lost about 5 #'s just from moving more in April :) 

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