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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Karma Bound

Grimey Hands ... again. Another day, another hour of working in the garage, another car load between houses. It will be a shower night again, but that was not my thought as I sat down to write.

If you are doing a good deed, and you think, "Hey, I must really be racking up the Karma points", does that thought in and of itself negate the Karma points that would have otherwise been accumulated? Or is it only when you think, "Hey, I'll do that because it will earn me some good Karma!" that you lose ground. Or does it matter? Is the act enough and the thoughts don't count one way or another?

I think that is how it works with bad Karma; I can think all of the horrible thoughts I want as long as I don't act on them, thereby NOT collecting bad karma. Not that I would do that, I think positive thoughts contribute to the well being of the earth and all on it. But the little nasties do tend to creep in sometimes despite my good intentions to keep a clean and open mind. 

BUT, I wouldn't have posed the question in the first place if I didn't have my doubts, so that answers the question. No more gloating over how many Karma points I may or may not be earning, just doing what's right, trying my best, and treating others how I wish to be treated. (Thank you Lou Holtz)

Another evening of coughing up dust. I wish I had the back and the energy to work a little on my room, it's feeling a little claustrophobic. Not tonight, but soon. In the meantime it's enough to listen to the puttering of R as she makes this her home again.

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