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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vegan Banana Coffee Cake

The coffee cake this morning was wonderful; a warm banana center with a crispy cinnamon top, hints of maple and coconut for a luxurious depth of yumminess - and seasoned with the luxury of starting a Saturday morning slow and homey. We didn't have any soy in the house so R subbed in some coconut cream - so delicious! No agave? Pour in the maple syrup! I am so thankful she is a baker - and a good one at that.

Then out to the driveway to fill yet another recycling bin of stuff that wasn't mine. Once again I thank heaven for the company of a good audio book - and yes, the nephilim are still battling the demons.

I plan on cleaning out the fridge today and making a yummy 'catch all' veggie soup for my lunches next week. And roasting off some kale leaves into chips for a snack this afternoon because no matter how warm it gets the kale needs to be eaten today! Okay, so maybe an after dinner snack. 

And clearing another spot in the garage; we have two dressers in the driveway that need to fit in somewhere. It just so happens I am still in the mood to downsize and I know just which spot to work on in the garage. So yes, the plan is to stay busy and on my feet. Rumour has it there may even be a walk in store for the pooches today, I'm thinking this evening once it begins to cool off because the little weather square on my screen says 84 today and 91 by Monday and I can't face the exercise in those temps. This is still April isn't it? I wish it would stay at 80 for a bit - what's the saying, if wishes were horses beggars would ride?

A busy day without a pressing agenda is a gift I am willing to unwrap.

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