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Monday, April 29, 2013

Orenda bound

Too late to crawl back into bed, too early to sit here in the chill of a dark spring morning and feel glad to be up and about. And since the chattering of my feathered friends is more irksome than birdsong I would hazard a guess that my mood remains somewhat diminished. No reason, it was a nice weekend, light on the side of accomplishment with a nice chunk of relaxation thrown in yesterday afternoon.

But I am...sort of ancy. There is a feeling of expectation that has me a little confused after years of, hmmm, complacency?  It may have to do with my Orenda order and the 100 days that is fast approaching. I haven't written much about my anti aging and wellness business as it evaporated after Joey's death; one has to actually speak with people to run a business you know. So perhaps this is the core of my unrest. Impending change.

This could go one of two ways. One, I could use the products only to fail, be disappointed in myself for yet again buying into a weight loss program,  and swear off ever doing something so foolish again - my brain knows this is a billion dollar industry and I may be grasping at a will-o-the-wisp solution. Or two, this could be the beginning of my retirement career and my life will be forever changed. I am opting for the later outcome of course, who on earth wants to fail. Which is an interesting question because I sometimes wonder if that is my natural disposition, failing. It is after all a much easier and lazier path to amble down. Success is much more demanding and I wonder if I am up for the task. I am, however, ready to find out.

There is still no tracking info on my CleanBurnShape order, but I know they were expecting product in to ship out this week so I am hopeful it will be soon. Lets see, 100 days from May 1st is...August 9th. (Nifty little calculator) I would so love to be wearing smaller jeans again come the Autumn. Lord knows there are enough of them boxed and bagged in the garage. My array of sizes is a constant source of embarrassment seasoned with bitterness. Three years ago I was writing about fitting into smaller jeans; who knew I would be right back here again. Well, statistics did. But I do know how to eat (Eat food, mostly plants, not too much - per Michael Pollan) and just need a little motivation and direction to get back on track now that I have taken this initial drastic step to change my life (Ref: The Rift). It is important to me that the Orenda products I ordered are vegetarian, not based on soy, and are from a company I respect. Nutrition remains my focus when it comes to eating, with some decadence throw in for balance, and I love what I have read about this new program, obviously, or I wouldn't have ordered it. I am trusting that they are still a cutting edge biotechnology company and I expect great things from them, just as I have experienced from Orenda in the past.

And as I suspected, I feel better already just voicing my concern. Hopefully there will be shipping information posted later today and shortly thereafter I will be off and running. Or walking which is better I think. 

And a little voice is chanting a mantra inside, let this be real, let this be real, let this be real. I am ready for a new start, a successful venture, and a healthier stronger me emerging as a consequence.

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