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Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm too old for this shit

Excuse my French and all that but today was a challenge. One we met successfully I will admit with a little pride, though I am hobbling rather badly this evening and can hardly wait until it's late enough to go to bed. I believe this was the hardest day of the whole moving extraveganza yet - formerly referred to as Two Women and  a Truck. But the bulk of R's household is now either here or in storage, and while she has a ton of sorting and laundry to do my participation will be relegated to minding A. Just a dump run or two tomorrow, plus a wall hole to patch and some spackling to sand and paint. Then final clean up on Monday. We are on the schedule we planned so far - thanks to some help from some great friends. One watched A and the other repaired the broken window leaving us to load and unload the truck a couple of times. We rocked it! Big hugs to A & J and a high five to R for a job well done.

A cold bottle of beer, two acetaminophen,  four ibuprofen and a soak in the hot tub were most beneficial to both my mind and body - but I have to say I am dreading my normal nocturnal stroll to the privy tonight.  My dogs are already barking and I know everything will be stiff after sleeping a few hours. I am thankful the bathroom is only a few steps away and that I have a cozy comfortable bed to crash in.

Who knew that I was the stable one? I will have been in this house 30 years this coming June. I've had one semi vacation to a destination that wasn't to visit family, lots of long archery weekends which I adored and hope to have again one day, and part of one summer in Hawaii staying with first one relative of a good friend and then another. A very modest travel brochure, but more than some could ever dream of. 

I have always been easy to please, which is one of the reasons why the past few years have been such a struggle. I was at the point where nothing pleased me anymore, nor could I manage to please anyone else. Everything was complicated and nothing was easy and relaxed and natural.

I can hardly wait for Monday to be over when I can start working towards a new normal.

Smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, beer for dinner. Works for me.

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