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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A nice normal day

After work I walked over to my friend P's house, who also happens to be A's daycare provider, and one of her clients was there with her new 3 month old daughter. "Would you like her?", she asked. I suppose there was a little bit of longing on my face, I am a sucker for babies. I sat holding her and stroking her little feet and hands, so soft and new and fresh. She held on to my finger tightly as I gently rocked her on my lap and chatted away with the other grown ups. "Hey", the baby's Mom said, "we found a baby whisperer." Apparently the little one had been fussing before I picked her up, but I never saw it. She was smiling and calm and happy; holding a baby is the perfect way to unwind after a day at work - well, as long as you can hand it back to the Mom anyway. Maybe she felt I needed her and was just happy to oblige, but for a moment I felt special and capable.

Earlier in the day as I was shopping at lunch for odds and ends we needed at the house, TP and pickles - the usual staples- I realized I was feeling light, and hopeful. Those two have been strangers for a while now, and I was surprised by the visit. It was encouraging after the week I've had, and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Not much progress was made around the house today (how's that for a passive voice!) but I did make roasted vegetable soup for dinner - tomatoes, onions & peppers (oh my). Blended up with some fresh basil it was very nice. 

Time to go; I picked up a bag of Cracker Jacks at the store this afternoon and I am bringing them with me to the couch for my date with Castle.

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