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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A very loud interlude

There is a four year old screaming in the bathtub. I am in my bedroom with the door closed. Go figure!

It was a long busy day at work, and I am supposed to be working on my taxes by now. Instead I came home, picked up the aforementioned four year old, and we came home and made a most excellent juice.

Carrots, sweet potato, blood oranges, purple grapes & Chinese mustard. I hadn't tried this type of mustard green before and I was surprised by the HUGE leaves, one alone would cover two dinner plates, and they are wonderfully spicy. (I think I should use them to wrap up something and bake it.) The juice was great. A little too spicy for, again, the four year old, but adding a little straight apple juice to her glass fixed that right up. She drank the whole glass and asked for more.

Hmmmm...I hope there isn't a connection between the juice and the yelling, that would not be good.  I imagine she is just exhausted like the rest of us by the move, the new environment, the underlying stress. And it must be hard to be in daycare all day. It's good to hear her now, a few moments later, chatting away to her mother like nothing was ever wrong. Oh to bounce back like a child from the tortures of life! An apology, an open door, and an evening breeze and life is back to the new normal.

Tomorrow is a special pick up day and another whole pile of stuff will be gone, thank heavens. Is 7:30 too early for PJ's? I think not!            

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