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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Diminishment of Stuff

Already this morning I have pulled everything out of my large three drawer dresser and organized everything by size and type before storing the newly sorted stacks back by season. In the end there was one more box heading out the door. The next donation pick up is this coming wednesday and I plan to have a few more bags ready to go. Each day my room becomes a little more manageable and I am a little less afraid of something toppling over on me. Plus there is a clearer path to under the dresser where the cats are hiding from the puggles. (I did notice they were both hanging out in the living quarters last night when I made a midnight pilgrimage to the kitchen for a drink.) I am looking forward to the coming months when I am free to reorganize the garage and thin out my belongings on an even larger scale. 

On to the kitchen. R and I were able to toss many unhealthy items from the pantry while searching for something to make for breakfast; flours, sweetened coconut flakes, artificial crap. Gone gone and gone! The house is also getting a little lighter and healthier each day. We will need to make room for a snack shelf for her honey eventually but that's another day.

For all this progress I am a little  irritated this morning at the sore on my lip; stress and dust are the usual culprits and yesterday I had a spike of emotion that was the precursor of this particular blemish; I hate that I wear my deepest emotions on my face for the world to see. And while I am sure there are a million others on this planet that would love to have my petty little problems, I am not strong enough to shoulder that guilt this morning.

I think it's time for a warm breakfast on this chilly  morning. I'm thinking a fruit compote - the warm cousin of a green smoothie- using the leftover fruit salad and some flax meal, maybe some powdered greens from Trader Joe's and then pecan pieces sprinkled over the top. Yum, gotta run!

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