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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wake up

I fear I have been waxing somewhat sentimental lately, and in all honesty I think I can blame it on exhaustion - mental & physical.  I had a wake up call today that reminded me why I wanted to separate, why we will do better apart. It only took a moment, a very brief interlude to bring it all back. The desire to stay and try to fix someone else blended with the intense desire to flee. Catnip & Kryptonite as Liz Gilbert writes in Eat Pray Love. I saw a glimpse of the kryptonite today and I am glad I have already fled.

All the work and dust and aches and pains and tears and angst have been worth it to forge this new beginning. It's not completely over by a long shot, but for now it feels like at least the hard part is over. I sincerely hope we can remain friends, that one day we can hike an archery range together again, but today my hopes are not high for that eventuality.

Only time will tell, and that's one secret keeper who knows their job and performs it well.

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