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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The little bully

Today I saw peer pressure at work in the animal kingdom. Along with my daughter and granddaughter, their two puggles will also be moving in this weekend. Today they were visiting while major yard work was going on at their (old) house.

Setting the scene:  Two cats who have been shut in the house all day and three dogs who have been shut out in the backyard for the same time. I get home, and everyone goes crazy. Not necessarily because they love me but they know I can reach the food. Okay, they all love me in varying degrees but nothing that would make them yowl and jump and run around in circles the way the hope of a chicken strip will.

Once they inhaled their treats I got to work starting to move things around and they took off on sniff patrol, checking out every delectable smell still imbedded in the freshly cleaned carpet. Back to the felines, they are still huddled on my bed in full glare mode and pissed off they are expected to navigate their way past the dogs to get to the food in the dining room. I help a little, nudging the puggles out of the way and giving the cats a head start down the hall, and then I forgot about it as I began more sorting piles.

When the commotion broke out I was still a little distracted, and not realizing what the yipping meant I wandered into the master bedroom to behold Velcro (the 13ish year old shy female catapuss) crouched down in the middle of the room surrounded by the three dogs. Keep in mind there is no furniture in there yet. While the puggles are still at fault for watching, it was my little Kaylee who was darting in and repeatedly nudging Velcro with her long pointy dachshund nose. God I hate it when someone gets bullied in front of an audience. When that happens on TV I leave the room or turn the channel; it makes me plain crazy mad. So I yelled at the dog and scooped up the cat and tossed her on the carpeted tree, high enough to stay out of the fray, then sent them doggies packing. Really, the nerve.

Tonight it's all about the laundry, both houses need to get caught up so we can disconnect the washers and dryers for the move Friday. I hired Two men and a Truck and the more we can do the less time it will take them and the less it will cost. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to not have to count pennies and be able to just take care of everything with a wave of the hand. It doesn't bother me that we don't live like that, but that being said I know I would enjoy it if we did.

No rest for the wicked!

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