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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 20/30

Waking up with a clear mind and heart I can clearly see how disconnected I was yesterday; walking around in a fog is not good. This hasn't happened for months, and when I think of the years I spent like that I almost shudder. But as they say, we all handle grief in our own way and time. And I think I am also mourning a little for the loss of my relationship. Even if it is a positive step forward, I do have regrets - which can be pretty destructive in and of themselves.

So lesson learned - don't go overboard trying to be positive, just live my life in a positive manner and make the best choice I can each time there is one to be made.

I started my day with an unscheduled dose of Clean just because I feel full of crap from yesterday and want to feel, well, cleansed. There are blackberries for breakfast, then  a Shape shake for lunch and a chopped salad with beans and lots of yummy fresh veggies for dinner to round out the day nicely.

I've enjoyed a nice quiet morning; four of the five animals have been dosed for fleas, A's bedroom is picked up, laundry is in, and A I have clean sheets on our beds. I know it doesn't sound like a quiet morning, but I enjoyed my domestic chores and the calm they often bring.

Now to the front of the house to take inventory of pots that need planting. I've already trimmed back the roses, and hopefully today I will find their food and get them fed this evening. 

I have lots of plans for today, and the energy and will to execute them. "Today's gonna be a good day."

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