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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 24/30

It's always fun to get on the scale after a Clean Day, and true to form I am down another pound this morning.

Yesterday I took a bit of a misstep - a co-worker had made cinnamon rolls and I was just off the heels of a necessary but uncomfortable chat with someone else - and I gobbled one down before I could even think about it. I mean, I knew I shouldn't be eating it, and at the very least should be savoring every bite, but my animal brain took over and inhaled it before I could slip bicycle pants on my shoulder angel and stand strong. To help balance that act of rebellion I walked over to get A after work and then slipped into some work clothes to go rake and weed in the back yard for an hour. I love working till I sweat, then I know for sure I have done my body some good. As well as the back yard!

The most interesting part of yesterday was not the resolution of a problem within my department, not falling off the bandwagon, nor even my pride in the progress made in the yard. It was the invitation from H to drive up for some Wine and Music at Jesse's Grove on Saturday.What What!! I wanted to say no, to keep our separation...well...separate. But Wine and Music? And I miss him. And I would love a small weekend getaway and some good old fashioned fun and relaxation. It's been a while. The dilemma upmost on my mind is not  what might happen between me and H, but that it's a Burn Day, and Wine is not on the menu. Or shouldn't be. Because I'm not just talking about a glass, I'm thinking a few glasses and a sleep over! (I know....)

I guess the question at this point is whether the pound I won't lose from the flesh is more important than the nourishment my soul needs to reap right now. I am not a fanatic, I never have been. And my gut is telling me go have fun, eat right, take your product, and just add in a little wine at the end of the day.  I'll have my usual shake at lunch, and there is always at least one vendor with a vegetarian option at these types of venues. I have been ordering with nutrition in mind for years, I know how to customize what is offered so that I am left with a plateful of mostly unprocessed plants! What kills me is that if I had stuck to the original schedule Saturday would be my official Off Day. Serves me right.

So something to look forward to this weekend, the stress at work has been relieved, and I'm having a good hair day. My mood is pretty awesome this morning!

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