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Friday, June 7, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 26/30

I don't really have time for writing this morning, but there seems to be a link between my scale and my keyboard, "psst, hey you, keyboard, this is the scale in the bathroom. She lost another pound, get her ass over there to record it!"

12.5 pounds until I break 200 - again. But this time IS really different, this time I have grown in ways that cannot be measured on a scale, or with a tape measure. And this time I have products that will support me through any setbacks I may experience on maintenance once I get there. I don't even know where that is; what size I want to be, what set of numbers to stay between on the scale, how my body will feel and look that satisfies my inner athlete. I could rename this blog to 'finding normal' were I so inclined.

It's all a big adventure, and it's fun to be the observer of my own destiny; aware of the changes, looking forward to results, ready to live a better life. Thank heavens I've been using my OTropin through it all over the past ten years so that I will have the time to enjoy it, that I can rely on my body responding to my weight loss as it rebuilds into a more pleasing shape, that barring any unforeseen accidents I have years and years left to enjoy what I am working so hard to achieve.

It's going to be warm today, up to 98, and I am wearing a shell top to work. While my arms are NOT what I want them to be eventually, they are a great improvement over what they were when we had a heatwave about a month ago, and today I have the confidence to show off some biceps. CBS Rocks!

It was over 100 today, and it's not cooling off very quickly this evening. The fam has gone out for ice cream, and I am choosing to not indulge. I have wine to look forward to tomorrow and might even have some cheese too. We'll see. Only four more days, and the evening of the fourth day is my 41 Day weigh in. I'm already  happy with what I have accomplished, but I am anxious to stay on track, break 200 in my next set of 30 days, and keep going until I am back in size 12 jeans. In the meantime, tomorrow I have a date, and I am looking forward to the first real 'fun' in a long long time. I'm still debating the wisdom of this, but I need it, so there you have it.

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