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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 27/30

It will be another warm one today, spiking up over 100 again before cooling back down into the 80's next week. I have the windows open and the fans running to cool the house down before closing up for the day. I had better throw on some clothes and get outside to work! I have a facial at ten this morning, then I really really need to stay inside and work on my taxes. I leave at four to drive up to Lodi, and I have the tiniest of flutters in my gut at the thought. Tonight is a mystery; I just hope we both have fun.

Still at 212 on the bathroom scale this morning, so the last two pounds lost weren't a fluke. I have to ready my mind to see a little bit higher number on the wii since I will be weighing at night to stay consistent with how I began this CBS journey. But I was 224 on this scale the morning I started, so 12 pounds gone. Last night R and I pulled out a couple of boxes from the garage and I rifled through the clothing I had packed away the beginning of April when I was up to 230. I now have a few more things to wear! So a total of 18 pounds lost since 4/1/13. Which is another reason to celebrate the CBS plan. The first pounds lost weren't water weight or just the 'beginning of a diet honeymoon pounds'. I had lost six pounds on my own in April with all the craziness of everyone moving, so the CBS pounds lost are solid, or were, so to say.

Why am I reviewing all of this? Because I don't want to overindulge this evening. I want to stay on program all day, then choose the best options I can for dinner at the winery, and just add in a couple of glasses of wine. And maybe a little cheese. Maybe. I am not so much married to the idea of 'how much can I lose on this program in 100 days' as I am to the sustainability of losing weight using the products. One more evening off is not a deal breaker - it's life.  And now I am laughing, because instead of typing, "Shit Happens", I can now write, "Shape Happens". Because these products are working, and are going to see me through to whatever I find at the end of my personal definition of normal. And if I slip up once there, I know I can keep taking the Burn and use the Shape as meal replacements until I stop the slide and get back on track.  But I am looking forward too far. And I need to get outside!

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