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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 9/30 or 50/100

What a day...week...month... and where did the year go??? Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and my halfway mark through 100 days of the CBS weight loss program. "I've been a slipping and a sliding, playin dominoes" for this past week; trying just to stay on an even keel let alone on program. I think today I was able to let go a little of situations beyond my control, and recoup a little of my infamously grand demeanor. God, what a sentence. Anyway, feeling more calm this evening like a few of the knots have let go inside. Which brings me to my thought - I wonder if my meds need adjusting. Twenty pounds (more or less) is not an insignificant amount of weight to lose in two months. Maybe my recent lethargy has as much to do with my meds as my stress? I'll email the Dr. to see what she thinks - not, unfortunately, that I hold much book by what the 'medical' professionals have to say. If I've broken a leg, I'm first in line at the hospital, but for everyday health - no thank you. I'll take my Orenda and Plants over their advice any and every day of the week.

So a long day tomorrow, and then on Sunday the 23rd the biggest (closest) full moon of 2013. A and I have a history of admiring the moon together, and today in the driveway just as I was about to spell out MOONLIGHT TEA PARTY to R, A pipes up asking R about having a ... tea party! We were on the same wave length my darling girl and I. I think it will be great fun to honour the moon with a tea ceremony, and I have a feeling A will be a willing accomplice. She has a beautiful porcelain tea set that comes out for special occasions; it will be great fun.

It's always good to have something to look forward to, and speaking of that I wonder if H and I are on for a movie Saturday. I'd better stock up on some gum; sugar free lemon pie, or rootbeer float or maybe a package of orange cream that tastes much like the 50/50 bars from my youth. I'm not sure if I would be able to skip the popcorn, but after all I have eaten off plan this week I just might be able to do that.

There is a glimmering in the back of my mind, a slow coming around to the positive, a shy whisper of 'remember that you want this' wafting across the rough seas of my mind.

I am listening.

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