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Friday, June 28, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 17/30 or 58/100

Yesterday's Summer Salad Potluck was a great success; everyone seemed to love what I prepared, especially the Raspberry and garlic dressings. Most were surprised by the sprouted garbanzos, both by how easy it is to sprout them and how delicious they are, so it was nice to be able to introduce something new to them. It was a fun gathering, and as I hoped someone had roasted beets to bring. D made 'crack rolls' - OMG, everything we shouldn't have in one bite. Crazy.

Snacked on raw cashews on the way home, guess I should have put them in the way back of the car. But I walked over to get A and once R was home we did chores then took all three doggies for a walk; one dog each it was very nice. We went all the way to the dog park where we met several little cutie pies (and their owners) for the dogs to romp with - although by the time Kaylee began to warm up to the idea of being friendly it was almost 8:30 and time to head home. My only regret was not trimming my toe nails before heading out and my big toe is a little sore this morning. Considering my chest barely aches I am counting my toe pain as insignificant!  It was fun going for a family walk and we plan to do more of that now that the days are longer.

There is salad leftover in the fridge for an easy dinner...and having said that I remember that yesterday was suppose to be a clean day and I am switching with today. The salad potluck was planned in January, before I knew about the CBS plan, and since I was the instigator I didn't want to miss it.  So off to the kitchen to mix up my clean for breakfast and lunch today - I love these days and sometimes wish they were twice a week instead of once.

TGIF - I dream of the day Friday is once again just another day like any other. But for now it is the day us nine to fivers live for at work - sad but true.  And tomorrow is my trip up to Lodi for dinner and a movie or two; I'm not going to second guess anything or look at the future, I'm just following my feelings and living in the day, and tomorrow I want to be there so I'm going. That simple. I will admit that knowing H apparently also wants me to be there is very enticing, but I think we are both in the same place about this new friendship we have, so it's all good. And that is a sincere hope.

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