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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 21/30 continued

Back when "The Secret" was all the rage it sped through the Network Marketing arena in a fiery blaze. That led to more reading and exploring and getting the basic idea that 'thoughts are things' and 'you have to make room in your life if you want to welcome in something better.'

Today I welcomed a new patio table and chairs into the backyard, and later this afternoon we will have company. I had seen the set with a 'FREE' sign on them during the morning's walk to the pond and R and I took A with us and grabbed them.  But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me see if I can get the sequence right.

1. H moved out, taking the patio table & chairs with him.
2. C next door wanted to lay a brick patio between the driveways, and we did.
3. C's better half threw him a surprise Bday party, and we worked to make sure our adjoining driveway was cleared off, hosed down and prettified for the occasion with the raking of leaves & the potting of new flowers.
4. A coworker was looking for some doggie day care, and a couple of months ago I would have been embarrassed to have them over, but in no small part to the Burn I have been keeping busy around here, so invited her over this afternoon.
5. The back yard is a wreck because all of our efforts have gone into moving and brick laying.
6. I spent the morning weed whacking, raking up leaves, hosing off the back brick patio and the new patio set.
7. Before lunch we went shopping and found four chair pads in a fresh green that just matches the colour of the potted peas (our garden) that we have growing on a trellis in backyard. They look inviting and add that final touch we needed to make the yard seem like we may actually use it.
8. I have an hour left to hose off the back cement patio and set up the futon couch before jumping in the shower.
9. I get to meet a new dog at 5 and have my dinner out on the back patio.

Everything sort of hinged on everything else, and while it may seem an obscure set of connections to someone else it all makes perfect sense to me. This will be the first person I have invited over to the house in a really long time, and it feels good.

Back to work!

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