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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 23/30

Smaller jeans! Whooping like a cowgirl inside right now, sitting comfortable in my daughter's hand me down 16's. I knew I was smaller and my pants loose but really didn't want to go garage diving for a bin of smaller clothes I know is out there. She must have given these to me when she was moving in, and I threw them in a drawer; this morning I pulled them out thinking they were mine but no, hers, and they fit!

Obviously I am a very happy camper this morning. I'm off to the kitchen to mix up two servings of clean, today's breakfast and lunch, and pack some berries for when and if I get hungry later. And some cucumber to slice up at work. I have frozen carrot tops in the freezer to add to my Shape shake at dinner; with a few sweet strawberries and almond milk it will be delicioso.

Being in a good mood will make it easier to chat with my buddy at work this morning, although for our 'meeting' I need to keep it professional; we can be buddies at lunch. I wish she would try the Orenda products, she has an IBS disease and I know we could help. I gave her the Eaze ingredients and link to share with her Dr. last week but haven't heard back. Crossing my fingers; I need to get her on the phone with someone!

Okay, off to the job on another beautiful cool Spring morning. I'm forecasting another good day!

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