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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 16/30 or 57/100

Summer Salad Potluck! Back in January when one of the office boys was hanging up new calendars I noticed he was also placing stickers over the holidays. There was a sticker for 'Party' and in a moment of inspiration I said - put that on the first thursday of Summer and we'll have a potluck. This was me trying to participate, trying to assimilate into the pack. And now the day has arrived!

Last night I made five dressings, and using assorted jars filled and labeled them thusly: (ACV = Apple Cider Vineger, EVOO - olive oil)

Orange, Walnut
ACV, Date

Raspberry, Pecan

Peach, Sunflower, Date, Ginger,
Rice Vinegar

Garlic, EVOO
Red Wine Vinegar, Salt
Pepitas, Cilantro
Lemon,  Rice Vinegar

This morning I will slice up a big bunch of scallions, and toss a huge bowl of assorted greens including but not limited to pea shoots, micro greens, spring greens, baby spinach, romaine leaves and cilantro. (There are also shredded cabbage and carrots to add some crunch and colour.) At work I have a container of garbanzo beans I set to sprouting earlier in the week, and the invitation I sent out to everyone let them know this was a BYOM(meat) event since many of them are following the 'Paleo' diet. I asked everyone to also bring something they could share, suggesting things like artichoke hearts, beets and avocados. I know someone is bringing tomatoes from their garden and making croutons (yum) while someone else is making a pesto salad.  I am taking my NutriBullet and an assortment of nuts, fruits and vinegars in case someone wants to create their own dressing. I have stocked up on plates, bowls and forks for the occasion and they are packed waiting by the front door.

Have I forgotten anything? I hope not. In any case I expect we will have a fun lunch, especially since the two out on Maternity leave are coming with their babies - how I love a little cooing and cuddling; medicine for the soul.

And now to my last minute chores in the kitchen. Thank heavens tomorrow is Friday, this has been an exhausting week. And then to see Star Trek with H on Saturday; we are making taco salads for dinner and hopefully there will be leftovers from today. If not I have a new Kale salad I want to make - that's right, there is kale in the mix above too!

Off and at 'em!

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