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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 18/30 or 59/100

My morning ablutions are not normally so exhausting, but this is a 'date' day and I sit here with a biore strip on my nose, clean wet hair, smooth legs and soft heels. There are still creams and lotions to apply, bangs to blow straight, and a few stray eyebrow hairs to pluck. Getting old is hell! To think of the time I spent on these beauty routines over the years is nothing compared to most of my friends and acquaintances - how on earth do they do it? I have just taken my daily AIO and Burn and expect my energy to show up any minute;  normally I would have taken them before jumping in the shower but yes, I was thinking ahead to how I want to feel 'between the sheets' later on today.

It's not an 'Off' day on the CBS plan, but I envision popcorn at the movies (Star Trek!) for lunch (small bag, no oil or added salt flavourings.) I'll take my burn first, and we have a healthy taco salad planned later back at his home for dinner. Also hopefully a walk (read that as a slooooow stroll) in 100 degree weather to the river that runs along the back of the property if I can talk H and myself into it. The road to said river runs between burgeoning grape fields and I have been thinking of how wonderful it will be to check out a working vineyard first hand. I think I have already asked to be invited up when the harvesting begins.

One of my five wayward pounds is gone, and my mental health up another notch this morning. I know the other miscreant four will disappear quickly as I re-detox from the junk I indulged in the last couple of weeks. Well, indulged is the wrong word - I don't think I actually enjoyed any of it - except the cashews and blue cheese! Stress eating isn't about the food, it's about calming the mind and pushing aside stressful thoughts. I should be using Yoga for that, not food; something I have known for years but can't seem to get started. I feel ready now - where's my teacher? Aren't they suppose to appear? Or is that only true with the spiritual side...oh well.

So a fun weekend planned, today up with H and then home Sunday to putter around the house and swim with the girls. On product, on my feet, and away from the computer for at least 24 of those hours. I love thinking about the little house I will wake up in tomorrow morning, and I love this little house I woke up in today; time to make some tea, head out to the patio and feel some gratitude.

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